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How To Smart Stretch:

Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) works with the body's natural intelligence to safely elongate muscle and restore balance within the fascial matrix.

The muscles are organized along kinetic chains and work together to produce movement and maintain posture. You can think of muscles working together in pairs. 

When a muscle on one side of a joint contracts, its opposite antagonistic muscle relaxes, stretches and allows for movement. 

Meet Your Teacher


Adarsh Williams

yoga enthusiast

Hi, I'm Adarsh Williams. I've been engaged in yoga and the wellness field for the past 25 years. Smart Stretch is a bridge between the worlds of contemporary physical therapy and traditional wisdom. 

Please drop me a line below with questions, requests, and good vibes. Thanks for stopping by!


"I am a 63 year old woman who has had shoulder and lower back problems for more than 20 years. Prior to meeting Adarsh I was going to the gym regularly and was about a month into yoga none of which had alleviated the continuous pain.  Adarsh's program of yoga and stretching have been life changing, helping me to be essentially pain free.  He challenges your abilities without disapproval.   His expertise in Ashtanga, the combination of his knowledge of anatomy and massage therapy, along with the stretching makes Adarsh a premier teacher of and for all."


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Informed by the scientific principles of stretching, Active Stretch blends the best of physical therapy with the group fitness experience!


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Learn to isolate, activate, and stretch virtually every muscle in you body

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